Our labs do not test on animals or use raw materials that have been tested on animals.  Girlactik applied for PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program ( and was rejected due to some of our brushes using animal hair.  PETA educated us that no matter where the hair is sourced from it poses a risk for animal cruelty so we will be transferring over to all synthetic brushes with future orders and be re-applying for the PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program and their cruelty-free logo. 

Below is the list of our brushes that need to be transferred over to synthetics:



Blush Brush

Goat hair

Shadow Brush

Sable/pony hair

Crease Brush

Sable/pony hair

Kabuki Brush

Goat hair


Unfortunately not all of our products are vegan because some contain Beeswax, Carmine, and Glycerin.  We are using Synthetic Beeswax whenever possible as well as avoiding the use of Carmine.  Please look through our listed ingredients on each of our product pages to determine if a product is vegan.