Girlactik Beauty

Galit Strugano

Galit Strugano didn’t set out to be a beauty entrepreneur.  Back in the day she was just a girl from LA who loved makeup and dreamed of becoming a red-carpet beauty correspondent. It was while she was watching an award show on TV, however, that the idea for girlactik was born. Glitter was at its peak, with every major pop star wearing it on her eyes, and Galit saw a hole in the market for someone to create sparkle makeup that actually stayed put.

Through sheer determination and passion, she created girlactik’s signature long-lasting base and easy-to-use fine sparkles. The product quickly became a must-have among beauty editors, consumers and those very same celebrities who had inspired it.

Since then, girlactik’s makeup range has evolved beyond glitter. "I'd rather create products that make women’s lives easier than follow trends," says Galit. "Our super-lux formulas ensure that everything from our Matte Lip Paints to our Luminous Face Powders are easy to wear, sit gorgeously on the skin and last all day."

That thoughtfulness and efficacy has earned girlactik a major social following, which includes a highly engaged community of top beauty vloggers, celebrity makeup artists and influencers. But at its core, girlactik is the makeup brand for every woman who wants to be the most beautiful version of herself.